Data by Design

Based out of Sacramento, Ca., i2i serves clients all over the country, providing trustworthy analysis and reporting services tailored to match the unique needs of each one of our clients.



Joel Rabin is the founder CEO and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of i2i. He has more than 20 years of data and reporting experience in higher education, public sector management, and K12 school districts.  Joel earned a Ph.D. from UCLA and went on to work in two of the largest school districts in California, and most recently served as an Associate Superintendent in one of the most diverse districts in the country. 

Throughout his career, Joel led improvement processes, data analyses, technology implementations, community task forces, and built systems that support student success.  Joel developed a set of skills and procedures that merge the art and science of data reporting to tell compelling stories through presentations, slideshows, reports, and infographics.  

Joel has helped save school districts time and money, improved annual planning efforts, informed critical decisions, and most importantly helped more students graduate from high school ready for college and career.  

There are companies that do data analysis and consulting, and there are companies that do design and communications. We operate at the intersection of both these arenas.   With nearly a decade of executive leadership experience, we also understand clients have unique needs and require unique solutions.  i2i applies decades of data, design, and leadership experience to produces customized solutions that we can provide rapidly to meet the emerging needs of our clients.

Joel’s passion to inform and inspire others through the artful analysis and presentation of data is what makes i2i a one-of-a-kind data and reporting firm. He can’t wait to work with you and help create new possibilities for your organization.

View Joel's CV here.