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Need additional support? We can customize your project to include all of the services you need (or remove those you don’t).

Facilitation and Presentation

With more than 20 years experience delivering hundreds of presentations to groups small and large, i2i is prepared to help you with your facilitation or presentation needs.


i2i creates products in digital format, which become the property of the client. These reports and infographics make beautiful posters, which can be printed in almost any size to display and share. When you need additional support, i2i can arrange for all your printing needs.

Copywriting and

Powerful words combined with strong visuals makes for a compelling story. When it comes to words, we believe less is more, and i2i can help you focus your copy to tell a clear and concise message.

Custom Graphics

Need a specific icon or graphic to accompany your presentation? Let i2i design graphics customized to fit the specific needs of your project.


Because i2i uses graphics and simple language in our reports and infographics, they are well positioned to be used for your stakeholders who don’t speak English. i2i can translate any of our products for clients to broaden their audience.

Social Media

We can convert the reports and graphics we create for you to be compatible with any social media platforms you use, so your story can be shared with a wider audience. 

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