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There's no reason to use plain charts and bar graphs when i2i can help you share your story with dynamic infographics and customized presentations. We offer multifaceted reporting and design services that can be tailored to fit any project.


Have a story to tell? We’ll work with you to design an impactful presentation that clearly communicates your message in a visually interesting way. Whether it’s a report, banner, slide deck, flyer or social media post, i2i can help you engage and inspire your audience.


Let i2i create dynamic slideshows for you that highlight your most important points. Whether it's a one-off presentation or something that can be reused and updated, we will design a presentation that is clean, consistent, and easy to follow for any audience.


Images and data go hand-in-hand, and i2i knows how to bring them together in simple to understand stories that communicate key messages. We can create customized infographics that highlight key data and trends over time and transform basic data into a visual story.

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